New York Natural Heritage Program
Cobble Shore Wet Meadow
System: Palustrine
SubSystem: Open Mineral Soil Wetlands

State Protection: Not Listed
Federal Protection: Not Listed

State Rarity Rank: S2
A State Rarity Rank of S2 means: Typically 6 to 20 occurrences, few remaining individuals, acres, or miles of stream, or factors demonstrably make it very vulnerable in New York State.

Global Rarity Rank: G3?
A Global Rarity Rank of G3? means: Vulnerable globally (most likely) - Conservation status is uncertain, but most likely at moderate risk of extinction due to rarity or other factors; typically 80 or fewer populations or locations in the world, few individuals, restricted range, few remaining acres (or miles of stream), and/or recent and widespread declines. More information is needed to assign a firm conservation status.

Did you know?
A cobble is a rock or rock fragment with a particle size between 2.5 and 10 inches in diameter. Pebbles are the next smaller geologic size class; they range from 4 millimeters to 2.5 inches. Pieces of gravel range from 2 to 4 millimeters in size and particles of sand and silt are smaller still.

State Ranking Justification [-]
There are probably only a few dozen occurrences statewide. A few documented occurrences have good viability and few are protected on public land or private conservation land. This community is limited to the water bodies with cobble shores that remain wet in the state, and there are only a few high quality examples. The current trend of this community is probably stable for occurrences on public land, or declining slightly elsewhere due to moderate threats that include alteration to hydrology, shoreline development, instream gravel mining, and invasive species.

Short-term Trends [-]

Long-term Trends [-]