New York Natural Heritage Program
Cat-tail Sedge
Carex typhina Michx.
Kingdom: Plantae

      Phylum: Anthophyta

           Class: Monocots (Monocotyledoneae)

                Order: Cyperales

                     Family: Sedge Family (Cyperaceae)

Additional Common Names [-]
  • Sedge

Synonyms [-]
  • Carex typhinoides Schweinitz

Comments on the Classification [-]
Carex typhina is in section Squarrosae. There is a hybrid C. x deamii F. J. Hermann which was considered to be a cross between C. typhina and C. shortiana. Current evidence is instead leaning toward this hybrid being a cross between C. squarrosa and C. shortiana (Cochrane 2002, Ford & Reznicek 2002).