New York Natural Heritage Program
Bent Sedge
Carex styloflexa Buckl.

Threats [-]
One extant population of Carex styloflexa may be threatened by trampling as it is found along an area heavily used for recreational fishing activities. This site should be monitored more to determine the true threat.At least six sites are believed extirpated due to human development. All of these sites are from Long Island and/or the greater metropolitan NYC area. Additional historical populations are known from this area and, although specific locality information is not always available, may also be threatened by habitat destruction caused by residential and/or commercial human development.

Research Needs [-]
Since Carex styloflexa is a member of a notoriously difficult section of Carex it would be good to verify all relevant specimens, especially those from disjunct populations in Rensselaer, Madison, and Tioga Counties.