New York Natural Heritage Program
Creeping Sedge
Carex chordorrhiza Ehrh. ex L. f.

Threats [-]
Phragmites australis is becoming a serious threat to the habitat at one population. The hydrology at two populations appears to have been altered and perhaps is threatening the habitat where C. chordorrhiza occurs. Potential threats include development especially on the edges of the wetlands, trampling by scientists and people fishing, and alteration of the hydrology.

Conservation Strategies and Management Practices [-]
Phragmites should be controlled at one population where it is encroaching the habitat where Carex chordorrhiza occurs. Further hydrological changes at or near habitat where C. chordorrhiza occurs should be prevented. Where possible, the hydrology of the general area should be restored to pre-altered conditions. In some cases, this is as simple as maintaining culverts.

Research Needs [-]
Survey work is needed on all historical population.