New York Natural Heritage Program
Back's Sedge
Carex backii Boott

New York State Distribution [-]
This sedge occurs in eastern New York from Dutchess County north. It also occurs in northern New York and there are two records from central New York (Onondaga and Tompkins Counties).

Global Distribution [-]
A north temperate and boreal species Carex backii is most frequent in the Great Lakes region as well as the prairie provinces. It is quite infrequent in the extreme western and eastern part of its range. Overall, this sedge ranges from the Gaspé peninsula in eastern Quebec and southeastern New Brunswick west through Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia south to New England, New Jersey (one historical population), Pennsylvania (one historical population), Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, and northwestern Montana with disjunct populations in western South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado (Rhoads and Klein 1993, Saarela and Ford 2001, Snyder 2001).
Best Places to See
• Chaumont Barrens (Jefferson County)
• The Narrows, Lake Champlain (Washington County)
• Thompson Pond Preserve (Dutchess County)
• Valcour Island (Clinton County)