New York Natural Heritage Program
Coast Violet
Viola brittoniana Pollard

Threats [-]
The remaining population is threatened by trail maintenance that allows too much succession. Historical populations were threatened and extirpated by development of open habitats, failure to contain exotic plant invasions and lack of fire management.

Conservation Strategies and Management Practices [-]
This species needs disturbance to reduce competition from woody plants or more aggressive herbaceous plants, but too much direct disturbance to the plants will reduce or eliminate the population. Its habitat could be disturbed in the non-growing season to open it up for seed germination and colonization, but direct disturbance should be prevented during the growing season. A management plan is needed at its current location.

Research Needs [-]
Research is needed to determine the best management strategy to augment the existing population. Plants should be grown in the greenhouse to preserve the genetic stock, and studies should be done to evaluate reintroduction sites on Long Island.