New York Natural Heritage Program
Broom Crowberry
Corema conradii (Torr.) Torr. ex Loud.

New York State Distribution [-]
This low-growing evergreen shrub is only known from the Shawangunk Mountains. The populations from the Shawangunks have long been reported and studied. While surveys in other areas where potential habitat exists have been conducted, no additional populations have been found. Potential areas to search for this plant are other similar locations within the Shawangunks and the pine barrens of Long Island.

Global Distribution [-]
A low growing evergreen shrub that is mostly limited to coastal habitats (sandy soils, pine barrens, etc.) from Newfoundland south to New Jersey, but disjunct inland at the Shawangunk Mountains in Ulster County, NY.
Best Places to See
• Gertrude's Nose, Minnewaska State Park (Ulster County)